Monitoring Equipment

Equipment Used by MVO

Some of the monitoring equipment in use at MVO has been provided or developed in a collaborative project.


The AVTIS has been developed by the University of St. Andrews, UK.


UNAVCO have three stations on Montserrat which measure [more text]. Data from these stations is used in our routine monitoring.

USF Seismic Stations

The University of Southern Florid, USA, provided MVO with four seismic stations, on loan, to help monitor fluid injections in the wells drilled for the Montserrat geothermal project. We plan to re-deploy these stations to monitor lahars in the Belham Valley.

Barry Voight’s Seismometer

Barry Voight claims to have lent MVO a seismometer over 20 years ago. We claim it was deployed at Harris and then destroyed during the 2010 partial dome collapse.

MVO Equipment Providing Data Elsewhere

Seismic Stations

Data from selected seismic stations from the MVO network is provided, in real time, to the Seismic Research Centre, the Global Seismic Network and the Caribbean Tsunami Warning System.