Thomas Christopher

tc Degassing Volcanologist
Dr. Thomas Christopher
Bsc Geology; UWI Mona – 2000, PhD Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry (Title – Magma studies at Mt Etna); Cambridge (St Catharines) – 2010
Tel. +1 664 492 1816


Thomas did an undergraduate degree in geology at UWI Mona from 1997-2000 after which he came back here and worked at the MVO as a scientific assistant. He then went to the UK to do a PhD in Earth Sciences at St Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge. The project he did was on the 2001 eruption of Mt Etna where two distinct lavas were erupted from multiple vents. One lava type was clearly associated with the central conduit system while the other was emplaced via an eccentric dyke. The aim of his PhD was thus to employ Petrology, Geochemistry and Volcanology to unlock weather there were two separate contemporaneous eruptions or one eruption triggering the other.

Responsibilities at MVO

  • Obtaining SO2 flux values via the DOAS technique using spectra collected with UV spectrometers
  • Measuring SO2:HCL ratios using FTIR on spectra coolected with an infrared spectrometer
  • Measuring the concentrations of SO2, H2S, CO2 and H2O with a MultiGAS intrument pack


Tying in volcanic degassing, petrology and geochemistry of volcanic systems in order to unlock the dynamics, processes that occur in the plumbing systems of volcanoes as well as the time scales over which these processes occur.