Roderick Stewart

adam Director
Rod Craig Stewart
B.Sc. (Hons) Geophysics (Edinburgh, 1979)
Tel. +1 664 495 0743


Roderick Stewart (Rod) was born and raised in Scotland and has a degree in Geophysics from Edinburgh University. Since graduating, he has worked as a seismologist in very diverse areas including global seismology, the monitoring of underground nuclear explosions, micro-earthquakes associated with geothermal energy extraction and in the oil industry. His passion is volcano-seismology and he first worked as a volcano seismologist at Rabaul Volcano Observatory, Papua New Guineay. He worked for nine years for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation in Vienna, Austria where he helped oversee the construction of seismic stations around the world. He also used CTBTO data to monitor an underwater volcanic eruption near Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic and was involved in discussions with the civil aviation industry on a global volcano-warning system. Rod moved to the Seismic Research Centre in Trinidad in 2007 as a Research Fellow and worked on volcano-seismology in most of the islands of the English-speaking Caribbean. At the SRC, Rod was heavily involved in the negotiations for the contract to manage MVO and made many visits to the island, having previously visited Montserrat in 1996-1997 as a consultant for the British Geological Survey. Rod was appointed Director of MVO in December 2012.

Responsibilties at MVO

  • Oversee work and budget of MVO
  • Work with MVO Board and MVO Operations Board to assess and direct the work of MVO.
  • Liaison with SRC, Trinidad on the MVO management contract and scientific collaboration.
  • Liaison with SAC.
  • Liaison with research collaborators world-wide.
  • Oversee and direct development of the MVO archive.
  • Work with DMCA and Police to coordinate access to restricted areas.
  • Support Government of Montserrat in non-volcanic projects, principally in geothermal energy development, education and tourism.


  • Real-time processing of seismic and other data and how it can be used in a timely manner.
  • Geophysical surveying of the volcano and geothermal reservoir.
  • Combined presentation and interpretation of data from diverse sources.