Major Drainage Valleys

On this site and in many MVO reports, parts of the volcano and its surrounding slopes are referred to using the names of a few major drainage valleys. This annotated arial photograph shows the locations of the valleys with respect to the volcano and other features on Montserrat.

Oblique satellite image showing the major drainage valleys around the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat. Image: NASA/J. Stone/MVO.

Not all locations mentioned are on this map, but generally a new location will be referenced with respect to another location. Spring Ghaut for example is a valley on Gages fan.

The slopes of the volcano have changed considerably over the course of the eruption, taking on new shapes and sizes. This kind of map helps us to define general areas, so that our descriptions remain consistent over time.

The areas on this map can be used as a quick referencing tool for understanding the locations talked about in MVO reports or articles.